“The difference between the almost right word and the right word is … the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.”

—Mark Twain

Successful appellate advocacy demands highly skilled attorneys with an extensive knowledge of the law and a mastery of complex rules of procedure.  The lawyers on our appellate team represent clients in all areas of civil law, including referrals of matters tried by other law firms. As a result, our appellate team has been involved in numerous published appellate opinions in the state and federal courts of Oklahoma.

At LSL, we understand that a successful outcome on appeal often requires extensive groundwork early in the litigation process, well before final judgment.  As a result, our appellate practice team is regularly involved in cases throughout the entire litigation process. Our attorneys routinely research and prepare a variety of motions and petitions, ranging from pretrial to post-trial motions, as well as filing and defending petitions for extraordinary relief. We work closely with trial attorneys to identify the strengths and weaknesses of arguments and issues for appeal.  Our appellate attorneys carefully analyze cases and attend trials to develop legal strategies and preserve appellate issues.

Our appellate team also offers significant litigation support and collaboration with other lawyers in the firm across a wide range of practice areas, working as a team to resolve cases quickly and successfully.  In each case that we handle, our attorneys provide clients with personalized service and attention, taking the time to explain the complicated laws and legal procedures that may impact their case.